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Decision making in urban water management: integration and modelling tools

Join us to identify key issues for improving integrated water modelling and decision making focused on urban water systems and catchments

One priority focus of the Queensland Water Modelling Network is urban water management. For all the professionals working in this area in science/research, data collection, modelling or decision making there are many different aspects to improving the utility of the information that can enable effective urban water management, across a suite of water cycle elements, to be implemented.


At this community of practice workshop, we are inviting you to join us to explore how we can improve the translation of science into support for decision making through models and modelling that better enable integrated urban water management . Where are the strengths, gaps and opportunities? In hearing and networking with your colleagues active in urban water management, your recommendations will help shape the conversation about how to strengthen the water modelling pipeline that underpins this area of practice. Beyond the event your input will also guide the focus of future QWMN knowledge, skills sharing and problem solving events.

At this event, we will have presentations and a panel discussion on different aspects of the urban water modelling pipeline. The speakers we have include:

  • Steven Kenway and Mojtaba Moravej from the University of Queensland will discuss aspects of the science behind urban water management and how this links to various water modelling tools and options
  • Dylan Cain from E2Design will explore the utility of various different water modelling tools at different scales and locations across an urban landscape
  • A local government and water utility panel who will discuss what are key decision making and information needs that could be supported by diferent and perhaps more integrated urban water management models and tools. Details on the panel members will be updated as availability is confirmed.

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