Growing my water career

Where will one's water future take you? Together at this event we will share aspirations, discover options and map the ongoing journey.

About this event

As a professional working with, around or linked to water you are in a serious life supporting business with a bold responsibility!

As your career evolves what do you think are the best next steps?

Last December the cohort pictured above shared their aspirations, skills strengths and actions they wanted to implement. So, 6 months later how has that evolved??

  • If you are a returning participant we can reflect on that progress
  • For those new to the group you will be able to quickly catch up and join us in this interactive workshop as we look at water career paths and hear options on how they might be enhanced.

Also present will be a small core of experienced water practitioners willing to offer their insights and listen with wise counsel to your aspirations and steps to move forward.

With this great autumn weather we will be out on the roof top of this part of Woolloongabba with plenty of space for small group activity as well as coming together to hear what are our current challenges and next steps to progress. And along the way we have the delicious hospitality from the C’est Bon restaurant team downstairs as they treat us with delicious canapes and roof top refreshments. All part of the registration package!!!

This event is supported through the Queensland Water Modelling Network and the Flood Community of Practice – where the development of young water professionals is a key ongoing sector focus. So please join us as it is a great way to stay connected.

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