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Managing impacts of climate change on water plans and the modelling tools

Join us to discuss key issues in dealing with climate intensification in water modelling tools that inform water plans in Queensland

One priority focus of the Queensland Water Modelling Network is water planning, integration and management. For all the professionals working in this area in science/research, data collection/monitoring, modelling or decision making there are no shortage of challenges as we collectively deal with better considering the impacts of climate change through different intensification scenarios that are being forecast into the future.

At this community of practice workshop, we are inviting you to join us to explore how we can better manage the ramifications of climate science in terms of adjustments to modelling tools that inform the development of water plans. Plus how can the story of climate intensification and impact be best communicated for the many water plan users and stakeholders? Where are the strengths, gaps and opportunities? In hearing and networking with your colleagues active in water planning, your recommendations will help shape the conversation about how to strengthen the water modelling pipeline that underpins this area of practice. Beyond the event your input will guide the focus of future QWMN knowledge, skills sharing and problem solving events.

Core to the event we will have presentations on the steps critical to developing effective responses to water management and water infrastructure development needs. The speakers we have include:

This 1.5 hour workshop is a timely opportunity to connect with the diverse mix of practitioners involved in this area from State and Local Governments, NRM groups, utilities, research and consultants. Whether you are an early career professional, HDR student, long term water planning guru or new to the area – you are welcome to join us on-line.

On offer is a mix of guests speakers (4 presentations with Q&A of 15 minutes), short breakout activity, your on-line responses to key questions, a wrap up panel Q& A sessions and on conclusion of the formal activity stay online for an informal discussion

Once you have registered, we will be in contact in the week starting 11 August with details on how to join us on-line for this interactive webinar.

In these times of being in lock down or located in regional centers we can and do need to keep in contact. So please do connect with us next week and enjoy the benefits of this broad based water professional network. Until then keep safe and well and we look forward to meeting with you on-line.

Kind regards from the QWMN engagement team at IWC of Piet Filet, Sarah Cochrane and Brian McIntosh.

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