QWMN Forum 2020

In Queensland, the development and use of water models provides decision makers with the vital evidence they need for policy, planning and management. This is underpinned by an ecosystem of professionals and organisations who work across a knowledge and technology supply chain – from research to model use and interpretation to communication.

Join us at the QWMN Forum 2020, where we will explore the operation of this water modelling pipeline, linking science, data, modelling, decision making and communication in the context of water security, urban design and liveability, and landscape restoration. We’ll ask:

  • do the pipelines in these areas work well?
  • what can we learn from looking across the pipelines of other areas?
  • how can we improve the operation of pipelines in different application areas?

The QWMN Forum 2020 will take you through the leading research, as well as development and implementation examples, to help answer these pipeline questions.

The QWMN Forum 2020 builds on the success of 2017 and 2018 forums, and draws from more than 18 months of QWMN networking and community of practice events. The QWMN Forum 2020 brings together a broad cross-section of the Queensland water modelling and use sector, including those working in research, higher education, state and local government, water suppliers and utilities, data and model technology companies and consulting firms.

The emphasis of the QWMN Forum 2020 is on discussion, dialogue and engagement across the QLD water modelling sector. To facilitate and encourage discussion, each plenary session will include time for questions and discussion, and all breakout sessions will have approximately half of the allocated time dedicated to chaired discussion.

Click here to download the QWMN Forum 2020 program.

Forum aims

The aims of the QWMN Forum 2020 are to:

  • consolidate and grow awareness, participation and collaboration among water modellers and users in Queensland
  • highlight and share knowledge of research and innovation in water models and use
  • build ways to better work together to increase the use and usefulness of water models for policy, planning and management purposes
  • identify themes and issues where the community of water modellers and users in Queensland can maximise future QWMN activities and events to progress these matters.

Forum highlights

To help explore and unpack the concept and application of the water modelling pipeline, we will feature the following plenary speakers, with more to be confirmed:

  • Tony Weber – National Leader Catchment Modelling, Alluvium Consulting. Tony will be explaining what the pipeline is and how it works best to enable water models to deliver.
  • Mark Baird – Team Leader, Coastal Biogeochemical Modelling CSIRO. Mark will explore how models can direct science and data needs.
  • Chris Dallimore – Technical Director at HydroNumerics. Chris will showcase how data wrangling can enhance the utility of water models.
  • Angela Dean – Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Future Environments -QUT. Angela will look at how to build trust along the water model pipeline, from a communication for awareness and engagement perspective.

On day 1, parallel breakout sessions will explore the structure, functioning and utility of the water modelling pipeline from the perspectives of water security, urban design and liveability, and landscape restoration.

In the last part of day 1, a dynamic and interactive panel discussion will focus on critically assessing the role and benefits of effective communication and engagement along the pipeline, from science through to data, tools and decision making. Where and how should communication and engagement practices be implemented?

On the night of day 1, we will host a networking dinner to celebrate achievements in the water modelling sector in Queensland (and beyond) over the last 12 months.

On day 2, the breakout sessions will continue with a focus on:

  • new solutions in data capturing and analysis technologies, hydrological modelling approaches
  • ways to better enable water models, including ensuring that decision maker needs are meet, good model and data governance, and improved collaboration and inter-connection of models
  • interactive demonstrations on data wrangling, visualisation and urban design models.

Interactive workshops on day 1 and day 2 will give you the opportunity to share your experiences, and explore where you fit, in the water modelling and decision making pipeline.

Throughout the forum, we will be using the MentiMeter tool to capture your feedback, hear you highlights and field your questions.

Forum benefits

At the QWMN Forum 2020, you will:

  • hear from keynote speakers on various topics, from science through to data gathering and analysis and models, tools, and decision-making processes to communication
  • hear presentations that provide insights into current leading practices in develop and using models
  • participate in workshops that are designed to help shape future water modelling practice in Queensland
  • engage in dialogue with an invited panel of speakers from government, research and industry
  • meet and connect with researchers, developers, users and decision makers from a broad range of issue areas, including water security, urban design and landscape restoration
  • network and share knowledge and good practice with colleagues.

Who should attend?

If you are involved in research, development, use or communication of water models, their input data or their outputs, the QWMN Forum 2020 is an event you cannot afford to miss. Attendees of previous QWMN forums have included:

  • researchers and academics
  • consultants
  • model custodians and users
  • state and local government officers
  • water utility representatives
  • bulk water supplier representatives
  • NRM group representatives
  • postgraduate students.

Please note, registrations will close at 5pm on Monday 17 February 2020. To enquire about tickets after this date, please email us directly at qwmn@watercentre.org

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