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Critical review of climate change in Queensland water modelling

This project aims to assess Queensland’s current ability to incorporate climate variability and climate change projections in water models. Bringing together an experienced team of hydrologists, hydroclimate scientists, water quality scientists and practitioners, Alluvium Consulting Australia is delivering the project in partnership with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and University of Newcastle. Using the best available science, the project will provide a clear pathway to consistent, robust modelling approaches for assessing climate change in Queensland water models.

In April 2019, Queensland Government were briefed on the latest science and best practice for the treatment of climate change and climate variability in water modelling, and to discuss end user needs and current approaches from a water modelling and water resources management perspective. The discussion centred around four themes which will provide the basis for project recommendations and a strategic investment portfolio:

The outcomes of the workshop, an interview process with key modelling, planning and policy groups, and four modelling case studies provide multiple lines of evidence for developing investment priorities. The QWMN will coordinate an integrated response to the final project report and investment priorities recommendations.

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