Communities of Practice – CoPs – are processes for promoting and catalysing learning and innovation across professionals and organisations. In a CoP, novices and experienced practitioners can learn from observing, asking questions, and actually participating alongside others with more or different experience, in sharing practices and knowledge, and in determining what should be done collectively.

Why have a water modelling CoP?

The purpose of the QWMN is to build the capacity and collaboration in the Queensland water modelling sector, to fill strategic sectoral gaps are strengthen the sector. This desire matches the benefits that a CoP process can provide. These include:

  • providing an opportunity for a breadth of modelling and user stakeholders to participate in events and activities that deepen their collective awareness and understanding of issues and potential pathways for model improvement
  • strengthening the process of collaboration in a learning and sharing setting, that can then continue in joint efforts in specific projects
  • enjoying smart use of time and resources by having events and activities scheduled at times that compliment other project development and collaboration needs
  • involving the entire value chain of participants in the water sector – from model development, through to deployment and utility, onto influencing planning and management practices on ground, as well those assessing subsequent impacts – in the various events and activities in a shared safe learning space.

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