Water modellers work across a range of different application areas, including catchment management, water resource management, water security, agricultural production, flood risk management, regional and urban planning, water supply management, wastewater management and waterway health and protection.

There are therefore multiple ways to engage with water modellers.

Engage with the QWMN

The QWMN was established to grow and strengthen the capacity for innovation in the water modelling and use sector in Queensland. The established network is made up of people who are actively involved, or looking to become involved, in the water modelling and use sector.

The QWMN runs a range of events each year, including QWMN Community of Practice events, and annual events, such as the QWMN Forum and Hack Challenge.

Anyone involved or interested in being involved in the sector is welcome to attend QWMN events.

Other engagement opportunities

There are a host of other relevant professional associations and events, including:

  • the AWA QLD branch, which represents the water industry and includes professionals who are engaged in the application of models to water supply and wastewater
  • the International Association of Hydrogeologists QLD chapter, which represents groundwater professionals
  • the Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand (MSSANZ), which represents modelling and simulation professionals from every sector and application area
  • Floodplain Management Australia (FMA), which represents flood management related professionals
  • Stormwater Queensland, which exists to promote the efficient management of stormwater, to protect environmental values of receiving waters and to promote whole-of-water-cycle approaches by providing representation for stormwater professionals
  • Engineers Australia.

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