Recognising the need to build capacity and capability across the state’s modelling community, the QWMN has initiated an Innovation Program. The QWMN Innovation Program is based on the good practice lessons and insights from successful Engineering Doctorate (Eng D), Industrial Doctorate Centre (IDC) and Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) models that have been running in the UK for the past two and four decades, respectively.

Innovation Associates

In 2019, five aspiring PhD candidates from universities across Queensland, applied and won scholarships, with support from QWMN to conduct research on an industry problem, connected directly with an organisation within the sector. They are:

This research applied research on water modelling problems proposed by industry and government partners. The IA’s were supervised jointly by Queensland researchers and government and industry scientists.

The program produced useful water models and modelling solutions for policy, planning and management issues in Queensland, develop the capabilities of the next generation of water modelling leaders, and act to attract the best potential candidates nationally and internationally to research, live and ultimately work in the Queensland water modelling and use sector.


The True Value of Partnering Research with Industry

For the Associates, scholarships allowed them time to dedicate their focus to research, without the concern of an income. Being part of the Program has also led to careers in the sector, academic publications of influence and unequalled professional development. One surprising outcome was the synergy found with each other’s, otherwise starkly different projects, and the chance to discuss and share data and knowledge between them.

For industry, this work has provided essential investigations that would usually be impossible to achieve given day-to-day business. Officers were more than willing to support and explore research they rarely get to dive deep into, and universities have had a front-row seat to see what drives an industry partner, the flow of impact and the value of investing in relationships.

More information

Read about the Innovation Associates’ journey:

Read more about good practice lessons and insights, in the Association of Engineering Doctorates (Eng D) models here



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