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Queensland Water Modelling Network Technical Forum Summary: November 2017

A summary of the presentations given and issues discussed at the QWMN Forum 2017.

Executive summary

The Queensland Water Modelling Network (QWMN) convened a Technical Forum in Brisbane 14- 15 November 2017. Seventy-two participants from state and local government agencies, public research bodies, universities, statutory authorities, not for profit organisations and the private sector attended.

The Forum provided an opportunity for a range of public and private organisations to discuss emerging issues and to network with others working in the field of water modelling.

The Forum comprised of: short technical presentations on some of the QWMN’s projects and proposal; facilitated sessions to discuss possible network goals and activities, propose priority projects and evaluation approaches and explore ‘blue-sky’ outcomes for the Network.

Over the two days, participants identified commonalities in critical issues facing water modelling in Queensland, and a strong commitment to establish and contribute to the Queensland Water Modelling Network across multiple roles and issues (e.g. modellers, modelling practices, types of models, applications, uptake by decision makers and end users), and how better linkages and communication channels can generate better outcomes.

The Forum affirmed that:

Opportunities during the workshop to facilitate networking were well received and attended. Attendance and participation in all workshop activities was high, with preliminary feedback indicating the workshop was an effective starting point for the establishment of a diverse and strong network that would deliver improved outcomes in water modelling to Queensland. This initiative by the Queensland Government and its opportune timing was acknowledged and appreciated.

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