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Community of Practice event – Demystifying flood models

Last month, on 26th August, the QWMN partnered with the Flood Community of Practice (www.floodcop.com.au) to unpack what flood models can do. This was our first return to face to face community of practice events since the coronavirus pandemic started what seems like many, many months ago. And, it was fun.

The event was attended by around 30 people face to face at QUT’s great Kelvin Grove Campus and simultaneously by a further 30 people on line using our new Virtual Events platform (https://virtual-events.com.au/). Note to selves is that running parallel online and face to face events is not for the feint hearted. We might not do too many of these!

The event sought to:

  • Build a foundational understanding of how flood models work
  • Introduce case studies of the application of flood models and the communication needs that are associated with sharing the outputs of these model forecast/simulations
  • Invite input on participant past experiences with flood models and future needs for flood model information

Speakers at the event included Tony McAllister (WaterTech), Gavin Winter and Thom Saunders (QUT), James Weidmann (WaterTech), Alana Mosley (Moreton Bay Regional Council), Rohan Eccles (Griffith University, Australian Rivers Institute) and Thalia Rossi and Richard Sharp (WaterTech). Videos of their presentations can be downloaded below:

Thanks for running the event go to:

  • Local QUT hosts – Gavin Winter and Thom Saunders
  • On Line team – Simon Costanzo and Kate Kirkman
  • In Venue Team – Emma Church, Hayley Langsdorf (graphic notetaker) and Clive Ba-Pe (photographer)
  • Catering Team – Patrick Fogg and Andy and Shelly from C’est Bon

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