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Discussion paper on the experiences of groundwater modellers and end users

The QWMN has engaged Randall Cox, a hydrogeologist with extensive experience in groundwater management and water resources policy, to generate an important discussion paper. Groundwater is a hidden resource which poses special difficulties for teams that build models that represent those flow systems in a way that is useful for those who use the models for groundwater management decisions. Modelling teams and end users need to work together to achieve the most useful outcomes. The paper aims to increase the impact of groundwater models in policy, program and regulation domains, by improving those interactions.

The paper will be based on individual discussions with a small number of experienced modellers and end users. Those discussion will explore the difficulties, frustrations and misunderstandings that can exist between modelling teams and end users, that can limit the effectiveness of modelling projects.

The paper will seek to capture common themes among those interviewed and set them out in a simple high-level way accessible to all those involved one way or another in groundwater modelling projects. As an informal paper it will not give firm conclusions nor specific recommendations, but will suggest possible directions for change.

The paper will be posted on the QWMN website with the intention of stimulating discussion amongst practitioners about possible change initiatives or processes to explore issues in a more detailed way.

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