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Innovative tools helping to prioritise action in Great Barrier Reef catchments

The Queensland Water Modelling Network is partnering with the Office of the Great Barrier Reef and modelling and data reporting specialists, Truii to build two major products related to modelling outputs for the Great Barrier Reef.

Coupling Water Quality and Economic Modelling

The project Coupling Water Quality and Economic Modelling will produce a natural resource management investment optimisation tool called Reefonomics. This decision support tool uses outputs from the Paddock to Reef Integrated  Monitoring, Modelling and Reporting program (Paddock to Reef) to spatially prioritise on-ground investments, along with economic costings data. It will enable users to explore various scenarios for investment in on-ground works. This is important to ensure the most cost-effective use of the $35 million per annum ongoing Queensland Government funding for water quality improvements across Great Barrier Reef catchments.

Users will be able to create different scenarios to provide an estimate of cost and prediction of water quality improvement for implementing different on-ground actions. Around 100 default on-ground actions (agricultural management practice-based, point source-based and system repair-based) will be included and users will be able to easily add new actions and edit action parameters (cost, efficacy, extent). Importantly, Reefonomics will provide a visually engaging and accessible interface to communicate model results to investors and delivery organisations.

The project builds on previous work by the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Alluvium Consulting and Seqwater.

Paddock to Reef Data Portal

The Paddock to Reef Data Portal is a publicly accessible web-based data delivery platform. It is designed to be a single point of truth for all Paddock to Reef data, be it spatial, time series, or any other format.

Users will be able to:

  • download pre-canned open datasets
  • generate and download custom aggregated data based on raw catchment and management practice adoption data
  • make and track special requests for data

Data administrators will be able to:

  • upload data
  • manage requests
  • share data
  • manage data versions

The Portal will include functionality that will allow its data to be used in other modelling applications and the Reef Water Quality Report Card.

Reefonomics and the Paddock to Reef Data Portal will both be released in June 2020. To find out more about these projects, contact [email protected]. To find out more about Truii, visit the Truii website.

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