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Outcomes: Community of Practice Event 19/05/2021

The 2021 calendar has kicked off for the Queensland Water Modelling Network (QWMN) with our first Community of Practice (CoP) event on 19 May: Modelling tools to expedite landscape restoration and redesign.

For professionals working in catchment restoration, in science/research, data collection, modelling or decision making, there are a wide variety of elements that can improve the utility of information to support planning and prioritisation of actions. At this CoP workshop, we invited participants to explore approaches to better translate scientific information through models and modelling for use in the prioritisation of landscape restoration investments and measures.

This event aimed to:

1. Build an improved understanding of how modelling tools can expedite landscape restoration and redesign

2. Introduce this theme to this CoP group and hear what other topics on the Qld Govt-DES priority topic participants might like to explore

3. Collate any key issues on strengths, gaps and opportunities that water modelling and use needs on this topic, currently has in place, or is emerging.

Image: Participants arrive and mingle


So, what did we do, share and achieve at this workshop?

Our first activity was to look at the Water Modelling and Use Pipeline for this Landscape Restoration.

Image: Water Modelling and Use Pipeline


Then we mapped activities that event participants currently undertake across this pipeline, observing the diversity of experience present on the day.

By considering the entire pipeline of activities required for effective decision making, participants were able to demonstrate where their work lies in the context of the greater whole.

Outcomes suggest a vast array of experience among participants on the day. For details please click here  

Image: Participants fill in the “Wall of Experience”

Image: Experience and expertise of participants on the day was diverse.


Core to the event were presentations from guest speakers on current and emerging restoration prioritisation tools and frameworks. Our speakers were:




Please select hyperlink text for each speaker’s presentation.

Image: David Hamilton’s presentation on Building Catchment Resilience: Laidley Creek

And finally, a group activity had all participants consider the strengths, gaps and opportunities they consider important for water modelling and it’s use in catchment restoration.

For a detailed view please click here

Image: Participants highlighted the current strengths, gaps and opportunities as well as challenges they see for the Catchment Restoration pipeline.

Image: Participants work in small groups to discuss strengths, gaps and opportunities

Image: Socialising after the event with a view.



Our first CoP event was an utter success! From here, we will take our findings to the QWMN Strategic Partnership Group (SPG) for deliberation on how we can best meet the needs of this pipeline and actively plan for the future.

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