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QWMN Research, Development and Innovation Strategy

The QWMN Research, Development and Innovation Strategy 2018-2020 (the strategy) identifies where the QWMN is focusing effort to improve and integrate water modelling activity in Queensland.

The strategy identifies priority models and regions and outlines QWMN research, development and innovation challenges in four key fields:

  • climate change and variability
  • landscape restoration and redesign
  • water planning, integration and management
  • model management.

The QWMN recently funded five new projects under the 2019 Research, Development and Innovation Expression of Interest Tender:

  • Stream bank erosion in the Great Barrier Reef catchments, Alluvium Consulting Australia
  • Visualisation of coupled economic and Queensland water quality models, Truii Pty Ltd
  • Model data portal to deliver catchment modelling data to end users, Truii Pty Ltd
  • Addressing uncertainty in coupled water models using machine learning techniques, BMT
  • Gully erosion framework to underpin rehabilitation prioritisation and catchment modelling for Queensland, Griffith University.

Click here to download the QWMN Research, Development and Innovation Strategy 2018-2020.

To find out more about the recently funded projects, visit the QWMN projects page, or email [email protected].


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