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Results of the 2021 QWMN Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) Tender

The Queensland Water Modelling Network (QWMN) has completed the process of evaluating its 2021 Research Development and Innovation (RDI) tender submissions and awarding contracts for work to the successful applicants.

The 2021 QWMN RDI tender (open 30 March – 14 May) sought responses to the following five challenge statements (CS):

  • Improving impact through stronger links between water models and real-world outcomes
  • Improving treatment and communication of climate issues in Queensland water models
  • Linking water models to innovative knowledge and information
  • Optimising groundwater management through a system approach
  • Regional case study: North-west Queensland.

As in previous years there was strong response to the tender with more good quality applications than there was available funding, a good problem for funders, less so for those drafting the proposals.  Following the evaluation process, the following five projects have been established:

  • Stream bank erosion modelling in the Great Barrier Reef catchments – Stage 2 (CS1&3)

Delivery Partners: Alluvium Consulting, The University of Melbourne

  • A gamified digital twin of a trading scheme for sediment and nutrients in South-east Queensland to improve health of waterways and Moreton Bay (CS3)

Delivery Partners: Aurecon, Deltares, Griffith, GHD, Costello Consultancy, CSIRO

  • Landscape-focused digital twin for local engagement in water governance in monsoonal river systems (CS1,3 &5)

Delivery Partners: Australian National University, Northern Gulf Resource Management Group

  • A framework to marry models and data: even an imperfect match can be valuable (CS1&3)

Delivery Partners: The University of Queensland, Queensland Department of Resources (Paddock to Reef Modelling), Queensland University of Technology, Alluvium Consulting)

  • Re-imagining a water model (Source) as an experiential multiplayer game: A case study in nitrogen offsetting in Moreton Bay (CS1&3)

Delivery Partners: The University of Queensland, BTN, Alluvium Consulting, Healthy Land and Water).

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