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Review and update of the QWMN Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) Strategy

In January 2021, the QWMN conducted a consultation on a discussion paper for the review of QWMN’s research, development and innovation (RD&I) priority actions. The results from this consultation will be used as one input into the review and update of the current QWMN RD&I Strategy.

The Secretariat has engaged an external facilitator to run a full day event on 27 August that brings together current and past project delivery leads, partners, key stakeholders, relevant policy holders and strategic partners (existing and potential) to review and update the 2018-2020 Strategy.

The workshop will develop an independent review of strategic RD&I priorities for QWMN that reflect the Network’s unique role while being informed by the other sector players. The facilitator will provide a workshop report and an updated draft strategy incorporating workshop and QWMN feedback by late September.

The Secretariat will use the updated RD&I strategy to guide development of the challenge statements for the next strategic RD&I tender, planned to open in early 2022. This will be a two-stage procurement exercise with an initial Expression of Interest phase from which shortlisted proponents will be asked to submit a full proposal.  Prior to finalising the tender details, the Secretariat plans to convene an information session on the revised RD&I strategy and provide general advice on tenders from the procurer side for interested groups and individuals. The event will be designed to avoid conflict of interest issues while facilitating exploratory conversations amongst interested participants on possible areas of collaboration. Email the Secretariat at [email protected] if you are interested in being involved in this briefing, likely to be early October.

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