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Strategic review of Queensland’s water models

The Queensland Water Modelling Network recently commissioned a strategic review of Queensland water models to guide future innovation investment in water modelling activity. Delivered by BMT, University of Queensland and University of Western Australia, the review likened water models to ‘virtual laboratories’ that help decision-makers understand impacts on Queensland’s water assets.  

A critical objective of the review was to develop a strategic approach to identify, substantiate and prioritise investment in water modelling over the next five years through development of an evaluation framework. The framework consisted of a model classification approach to map the current and future state of models within the 2017 QWMN Water Model Catalogue; a Model Assessment Framework, and recommendations for future investment in the form of a Model Investment Roadmap. This work was developed incorporating significant consultation with the Queensland water modelling community – across research, industry and government.  

A novel aspect of this project included adaptation of the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale, commonly used in defence and aerospace industries, within the context of water models to inform development of the Model Assessment Framework component. This framework considered the following seven assessment categories with a five-level scale for each: 

  1. Scientific understanding 
  2. Software readiness 
  3. Data availability 
  4. Communication 
  5. Community of Practice 
  6. Governance System 
  7. Adaptability. 

Key outputs from the report will be made available on the Queensland Water Modelling Network website soon. This will help modellers and decision-makers to take stock of the current state; and identify opportunities for future strategic investment in Queensland water modelling activities.    



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