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Twelve months of Community of Practice events

In the first year of activity under the Queensland Water Modelling Network (QWMN) External Engagement Program, more than 350 professionals have joined in Community of Practice (CoP) engagement events offered by the QWMN. One of the primary purposes of the CoP events has been to provide an open forum for any professional with an interest in the application of water models to discuss, learn and share knowledge.

At the CoP events, we’ve seen participants from not just the water sector, but a mix of urban, rural and catchment professionals, along with researchers, consultants and professionals in broader sustainability, land management and policy roles. In this knowledge and experience exchange setting, participants have been able to hear the latest in water modelling applications and their use, and at each event, actively provide their views on various sector wide issues, exploring what works well for them and where are there gaps.

Events to date have included:

QWMN 2018 Forum

A 2-day event showcasing the latest applications of water modelling tools for a range of water security, urban and catchment management needs. A mix of plenary and breakout sessions, along with interactive workshops seeking participant feedback on the health of the water modelling and use sector.

Career ambitions and water modelling: where do they align?

This end-of-day event was designed as a match making event for young water professionals to seek advice from water professionals with experience in water modelling and information application.  It was a high-energy, engaging event that brought together a diverse set practitioners.

Integrated urban water management in SEQ and the role of water models

This half-day workshop, run in collaboration with the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, resulted in some deep mapping of what the driving need is for an integrated approach, and how models can play a role.

Connected catchments

This half-day workshop explored the needs and steps to have landscape and waterway-based models to connect processes across different modelling scale from the top to the end of catchment. The group identified a suite of actions to enable further collaboration on this topic.

Accommodating climate change and climate variability in water modelling and decision making

This full-day event was information rich, with climate science updates and a sector-wide strategy, to enable water modelling to deal with climate change influences. In addition, small group feedback sessions looked at future modelling applications, incorporating climate change and how it can benefit from capacity building options.

Read more about the event and download the event outputs here.

Lets get physical in Deagon: A visit to Queensland Government Deagon Coastal Impacts Testing Facility

This end-of-day site visit explored a unique facility, with wave generating capacity to test the design performance of yet-to-be-built infrastructure and the impacts on proposed coastal development layouts. It was a water play pit, where a mix of technical skills were in action to simulate this coastal marine setting.

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