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Upcoming survey for a QWMN evaluation

The first annual independent evaluation of the QWMN has commenced. QWMN stakeholders will be invited to participate in the evaluation through an online survey. Feedback and insights from the survey will help shape the direction and focus of the next three years of QWMN projects and events.

The QWMN is nearing completion of the first year of its second funding round (2020-2024). In line with the QWMN M&E Framework, an independent evaluation is required in year 1. Lessons from the evaluation will ensure the network remains effective and continues to support improved water outcomes for Queensland’s communities, economies and environment. It will also help demonstrate program progress and achievements to date.

The QWMN Secretariat has engaged Aither to complete the first-year evaluation. Aither is an economics, policy and strategy advisory firm that specialises in water policy, natural resource management and adaptation. Aither combines its sector knowledge and technical capability in policy development, economic analysis and monitoring and evaluation to help clients make better decisions for the environment and our communities.

The evaluation will draw on insights from stakeholder engagement and project documentation and data.

A link to the survey will be emailed to QWMN members on 14 June. All QWMN stakeholders are encouraged to participate. The survey will be open from Monday 14 June to Friday 2 July. It will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

A summary of the findings and insights from the evaluation will be published on QWMN website upon completion. For more information about this project, contact [email protected].

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