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Strong interest in Community of Practice LiveStream Events

In May, our online engagement events began with two events, namely: 

Both were well subscribed and there were plenty of discussions and strong interest for follow up activity. 

As a result, in June we continued with these two themes with two more events – with a total of 400 participants registering for the two events.  Why were they so popular?   

Dealing with Climate Change continues as a focus topic for our QWMN collective.  With the support of three interstate specialists, we explored the ability of water models to be better framed to deal with the extreme variability associated with influence of climate change.  This event – with the great title “Coping with multiple plausible futures in the face of climate changeproduced a rich set of presentations from Joseph Guillaume – UNE, Holger Maier The University of Adelaide and Avril Horne University of Melbourne which are now all online as an engaging recording All 3 presenters shared aspects that practioners working in this field, called Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty use and how they were being applied in settings such as the Adelaide Regional Water supply strategy and Water Sharing arrangements in Goulburn Irrigation region.  

Holding a second session on the application of remote sensing for water management and water modelling was also extremely popular, with over 230 participants registering for the event from all over Australia and from 24 other countries.   In this information rich session we saw how easy it is now to access remote sensing data looking at water in Australia, how sensing gravity on the ground translates into volumes in water and how a regional case study brought ,modelling, remote sensing and water balanced calculations all into one package in the Namoi Valley.  Again – a fascinating and engaging set of four presentations, additional resources and a full recording of the event are now on our website.    

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