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Surfing the pipeline – the QWMN Forum 2020

The QWMN was established to focus on building capability and capacity in water modelling across Queensland. This involves working with a large and diverse range of actors of different types from the Queensland Government through to local governments, water utilities, consulting firms, modelling and data technology developers, NRM bodies, research agencies and universities.

One way of thinking about how to do this is in terms of the structure of the sector – the network of actors and relationships that they have. The diagram below shows the range of actors who use water models or their outputs and how they are related over time to other actors. It looks like spaghetti with meatballs and while useful for teasing out the structure of the sector and how actors are inter-related, there are other simpler and more functional ways to frame and prescribe action to build capability and capacity to use and innovate water models and modelling.

The program for the QWMN Forum 2020 – on 26-27 February in Brisbane – has been designed using a simpler and more functional framework – the water modelling pipeline. The simple diagram below shows the pipeline, which runs from science through data and then tools and ultimately to decision making (in policy, planning or management related to water). Of course, the flow is not one-way, nor is it continuous. There are some feedback loops operating up and down the pipeline. In fact, when one thinks across the full gamut of water-related policy, planning and management issues and problems that are handled within Queensland, there is not one water modelling pipeline, rather there are many pipelines!

Where do you fit on the pipeline? You or your organisation might fit in at several stages or at the boundary between different stages, or focus just on one. Are you active in many pipelines? Are you involved in delivering the science that tells us what data to gather and helps to populate our models? Or do you use models to help identify the scientific gaps in our understanding? Do you monitor and gather data or wrangle it into a suitable form for use? Do you use models or model-based tools, or even design and parameterise or calibrate or validate those tools? Or do you use the outputs of models to inform policy, planning or management decision making?

The QWMN Forum 2020 will explore the water modelling pipelines that operate across three significant areas of water policy, planning and management: water security, urban water and liveability, and landscape restoration. Confirmed keynote speakers include Tony Weber (Alluvium), Mark Baird (CSIRO), Chris Dallimore (Hydronumerics), Angela Dean (QUT), and Robert Argent (Bureau of Meteorology), as well as members of the QWMN itself.

Presentations on day one will follow the pipeline from decision-making through to models, data and science, with half of the presentation time in each breakout session allotted to a chaired discussion of the issues raised to ensure everyone can participate and be heard.

Presentations on day two will follow three different thematic areas – the data and modelling futures, enabling models, and a set of interactive technology and tool demonstrations. Presenters and session chairs are drawn from across Queensland and beyond and include representatives from Alluvium Consulting, CSIRO, Seqwater, the Queensland Government, the City of Gold Coast, The University of Queensland, Southern Queensland Landscapes, Griffith University, Flood Mapp, the University of Southern Queensland, Truii, Hydronumerics, Queensland University of Technology, the Bureau of Meteorology, the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities, Manly Hydraulics Laboratory, Water Technology, Healthy Land and Water and the Sunshine Coast Council.

There will also be workshops on each day, which will give you an opportunity to shape the future work of the QWMN, from project research, development and innovation funding to engagement and capacity building.

Join us on 26 – 27 February at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre to surf and explore the water modelling pipeline at the QWMN Forum 2020. Visit the event page for more program details and to purchase tickets.

If you have any questions about the QWMN Forum 2020, please contact us at [email protected].

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